Meet Dieula, Happy Mother’s Day from Generation USA!

Being a mom and learning web development is no easy task, but with the right support it’s 100% possible. This Mother’s Day we’re taking a look at how one Generation Learner balances parenthood, life challenges and navigating a Generation bootcamp – with some insight from a very special guest!

Dieula Lumertine-Grimsley (she/her) graduated from the Junior Web Developer (JWD) program this year. Since graduating, she not only obtained a role as a Solutions Developer straight out of bootcamp, but also inspired #ChangeForGenerations by getting her son, Lumertine, into coding as well!

Learn more about Dieula’s journey below and happy #MothersDay to all in our community!


Before Generation Dieula Lumertine-Grimsley worked at the Department of Children and Families as an Interviewing Clark helping in the lobby.

“I knew I wasn’t going to do this my whole life,” Lumertine-Grimsley said. “During the pandemic, I considered going for my associates degree in network administration, but realized that wasn’t for me.”

When she saw people talking about coding and breaking into tech online and on social media, she thought it could be a good fit for her.

“When I started coding and I thought where have you been all my life! It just clicked with me.”

After being introduced to coding, Lumertine-Grimsley decided to take a leap with Generation and enrolled in the Junior Web Developer cohort. She chose the Generation part-time program because of her full-time work hours from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Since the program was offered in the evenings from 6-9 p.m., she thought “that’s it! I’m going to apply and if I get in, that will be the beginning of everything for me. That will be the beginning of my career. I knew my life was going to change.”

Having completed the JWD program, Lumertine-Grimsely is now preparing to start a full-time Solutions Developer role which starts in June 2022!

“I know that this program has helped me find a better career. I know that Generation has helped me find a better career and a great paying job. During the bootcamp, I sometimes couldn’t wait until the class was over so that I could start.”