Generation USA is running online classes in 5 cities. The Customer Service Supervisor online program is open to anyone in the country.

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All in-person programs have been postponed as we monitor the progression of the coronavirus. We’re committed to supporting our students, staff and partners during this time. We’ve created a Resources & Support hub for our prospective and current students, alumni and partners.

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COVID-19 has disrupted millions of people’s lives and contact tracers are needed to map out active cases — Generation USA is seeking partners to help deploy its data-driven methodology and proven reskilling curriculum to train contact tracers. Read more here.

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Indicates a ReGeneration Logo program, open to workers age 40 and above.


The Generation community promises to face these challenges head-on with a central tenet — racialized privilege is the barrier many of our students and alumni face. It is at the heart of all they confront and it is not their responsibility to fix it. We will be leaders in this space and demand fair hiring practices and opportunities for everyone, especially historically marginalized communities.

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Generation Delivers

Graduation Rate 80%

At each United States program, dedicated staff members work with students to ensure they reach graduation.

High Retention 73%

of Generation USA graduates remain in the same job one year after placement.

Quality Performance 88%

of our employers say that Generation graduates perform better than average.

Generation: Exactly What Employers Need

We focus on tracking and raising the return on investment (ROI) that employers get from recruiting and training. As a result, your new hires operate at higher productivity, with longer retention, and faster speed to promotion.

A gift to Generation provides people across the country with the support and training they need to begin a successful, sustainable career.

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