This past year, our country has experienced continued inequities in the workforce, especially in the technology industry and towards communities that are marginalized.

At Generation USA, our goal is to bridge those divisions, by empowering those communities to achieve their full potential by providing access through resources and skills-building needed to break into tech and innovation. Through this work, we’re not just giving one person an opportunity, we’re helping communities create a #ChangeForGenerations to come.

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Generation Delivers

  • Graduation Rate


    Dedicated staff members work with students to ensure they reach graduation

  • High Retention


    Generation USA graduates remain in the same job one year after placement

  • Job Placement


    Generation USA graduates are employed within 90 days of graduation

Generation: Exactly What Employers Need

We focus on tracking and raising the return on investment (ROI) that employers get from recruiting and training. As a result, your new hires operate at higher productivity, with longer retention, and faster speed to promotion.

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A gift to Generation provides people across the country with the support and training they need to begin a successful, sustainable career.


Generation in the press

“We’ve designed our new programs specifically for workers who are unemployed, underemployed, facing job displacement due to automation, or further challenged by the pandemic to be delivered at scale; and as always, providing both technical and professional ‘soft skill’ training and support,” said Sean Segal, CEO of Generation.

Trade & Industry Development

“We think most people can do anything when they’re ready,” Segal said. “It’s never too late to invest in yourself. And this program, while it’s a big commitment, is also free, and it has the potential to change lives. So if you’re thinking about it, apply tomorrow and start the journey.”

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