It’s hard to imagine a world deep in crisis like ours, that an organization like Generation can be reborn. But we imagined it. It’s hard to imagine as we wake up to news every day that there can be light. We saw the light. It’s hard to imagine the impossible task we and many others around the country and world face to help train retrain and upskill millions of unemployed Americans.  I’m here to tell you, Generation USA accepts the challenge.

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Generation Delivers

Graduation Rate 80%

At each United States program, dedicated staff members work with students to ensure they reach graduation.

High Retention 77%

of Generation USA graduates remain in the same job one year after placement.

Job Placement 75%

of graduates are employed within 90 days of graduation.

Generation: Exactly What Employers Need

We focus on tracking and raising the return on investment (ROI) that employers get from recruiting and training. As a result, your new hires operate at higher productivity, with longer retention, and faster speed to promotion.

A gift to Generation provides people across the country with the support and training they need to begin a successful, sustainable career.