Our bootcamp style programs offer a reliable pipeline of highly-skilled talent that’s ready in just a matter of weeks.

Our training curriculum requires extensive practice of the specific activities that make a great employee so that our graduates are your best employees from day one on the job.

Our curriculum teaches soft skills and behavioral and mindset skills to ensure our graduates understand the unique demands of a role before they start work. We provide mentorship and support during the first months of employment so that they stay on the job for the long term.

Generation partners with employers to reskill workers for new, in-demand roles, either at their current workplace or in a different industry / employer altogether.

NETworkIT: Generation graduates and staff

Facilitating meaningful volunteer opportunities

Volunteering your expertise on NETworkIT is an impactful way to give back. We are looking for professional volunteers to assist learners virtually in building their employability skills and prepare job applications. Learners will connect with you to get a deeper dive into the industry, hear about their professional journey, and receive expert advice on career and employment opportunities.

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How We Partner

Connect with our partnerships team to discuss your hiring needs and priorities.

Provide input, as needed, to our curriculum team to customize a training program just for you.

Once the program is underway, engage with learners to get to know them and so they can better understand your company and culture.

Interview and hire program graduates who are fully prepared to provide value to your team.

Reach out to us to start a conversation.