Meet Aizhan & Hedy Lamarr, Change for Generations

This Women’s History Month, Generation USA is spotlighting women in tech who created #ChangeForGenerations.

Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000), otherwise known as the “The Mother Of Wi-Fi,” was the inventor of “frequency hopping,” which formed the basis of today’s Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth communications. Her pursuits, ambition and discoveries were fundamental steps in progressing technology and universal communications.

Aizhan Turgaliyeva, a Generation learner in the IT Support Specialist (ITSS) program, follows in Lamarr’s footsteps today as she breaks into the modern-day tech industry. Prior to Generation, the majority of Turgaliyeva’s work was in retail, most recently at the international apparel brand Zara. “The world is changing” says Turgaliyeva. “No matter which field you enter, everything is becoming more digital. I firmly believe in the future, everyone will need to understand IT technology.”

Her drive to build a career she can rely on long-term and continue to grow into is what inspired her to join Generation and start building experience in tech.


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