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As part of the Verizon Skill Forward initiative, Generation USA’s free, fully online programs teach you technical skills, soft skills, and give you the support you need to succeed. We talk to employers in your area to find out what roles are open. Then, we create a learning experience that uses practical, hands-on learning in an accelerated, online-first format. Our staff provides instructional support and career and life coaching during your program, based on your needs.

After you’ve successfully completed the program, we’ll assist you with the next phase of your career journey by helping you to find full-time employment, internships, apprenticeships, or continuing your education. You’ll also be part of a growing alumni network of graduates.


Generation staff host an orientation covering Generation’s core values, and the commitment it takes to have a successful and positive experience.  You’ll learn about:

  • An Introduction to Generation
  • Our Core Values
  • How to Access Resources
  • The Generation Commitment, to the program, instructors, staff, fellow learners, and community


We provide coaches and mentors to help guide learners on their journey and assist with obstacles that may come along the way. Coaches and Mentors can:

  • Help with Resume and Cover Letters
  • Understand Program Outcomes
  • Access Resources for Personal and Professional Goals


The Learner Experience team can help connect learners with a variety of resources. Depending on the program, different resources may be available in different locations. They help point learners in the right direction. We can connect you to resources:

  • Financial
  • Parent and Family
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Food, Housing, & Transportation


Either through educational partners and colleges or directly through our organization, Generation’s instructors provide the technical skills learners need to advance your career options.  Instructors provide:

  • Delivery of Technical Content
  • Insight into the Industry/Field
  • Guidance on Certifications and Industry Credentials


Generation staff help guide learners prior to graduation. Students prepare for setting goals around post-program outcomes and celebrate this milestone with fellow classmates. Learn more about what it means to be a Generation alum. At the end of the program, you’ll:

  • Understand Next Steps
  • Prepare Goals
  • Celebrate with Family and Friends