Students Graduated 37,488

Across the globe, tens of thousands of students have graduated from Generation programs.

Employer Satisfaction 94%

of employers say that they would hire Generation graduates again.

Quality Performance 88%

of our employers say that Generation graduates perform better than average.

Recruit. Train. Place.

Generation USA rapidly recruits, trains, and places unemployed and underemployed individuals by providing social supports to learners, working with public entities from the start to identify skill gaps and vacancies, and tailoring the training curriculum to their needs and is seeking partners from local and state health departments, businesses, nonprofits, community colleges, and organizations.

Looking at the new economic landscape, driven by the pandemic, we see an opportunity to train and place new hires in healthcare roles and upskill existing healthcare workers across the U.S. in partnership with local and state health departments, businesses, nonprofits, universities, and community groups.

We have launched COVID-19 response upskilling programs in Italy, Mexico, and India, with five more countries in the pipeline.

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Contact Tracer

All Generation curriculum integrate an activity-based curriculum that combines soft skills with technical modules. 70% of the curriculum includes practical applications. The contact tracing role will require various skillsets, including customer service, data management, and an understanding of social support and advocacy.

  • Track exposed individuals
  • Monitor health and isolation
  • Facilitate transfer to healthcare facility

Our Strategy

Working with public health institutions, we develop activity-based online training curriculum of technical, behavioral, mindset, and professional presence skill training.

Partnering with employers, community partners, funders, and public health institutions, we are able to identify vacancies and provide opportunities for immediate job placement.

Through professional mentors, we cultivate a community of support. By providing the social supports needed, we set up our learners for long-term career success.

We measure data to ensure efficacy and make continuous improvements.


Generation USA has connected with more than 20,000 unemployed or underemployed individuals in the last 18 months. Our existing recruitment infrastructure has the proven ability to reach those in need.

Paid and organic search and social
Online job boards
Media outreach
Email marketing

Community partners
Technical colleges & high schools
Workforce boards
Local career fairs
Community events
Neighborhood meetings

Professional networks
Open house/info sessions
Direct texts/emails
Alumni referrals

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Generation and Employers

"We know when we interview people from Generation that they’ve already gone through training. They’ve got some basic things down that we’re going to need. That makes it a whole lot easier for us.”

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