Update From CEO, Sean Segal

The last time I wrote, we were in the beginnings of a new crisis we’re now all too familiar with. We had postponed our upcoming in-person classes and were moving some of our programs online. We knew our alumni and students, among some of the most vulnerable individuals in the country, would most certainly be impacted. As we faced these challenges, and as I watched more movies while locked in my house, I remembered the wisdom of Albus Dumbledore. “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

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Generation Talks: Online Classroom Experience

On this episode of Generation Talks, host Kwanza chats with Jacksonville IT Help Desk program instructors Chris & John about the program and transition to the online classroom.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Generation’s Virtual Classroom Experience

In this new learning environment, practice communication, preparation, and persistence to succeed

Generation Talks: Money Matters

On this episode of Generation Talks, co-hosts Lou & Kwanza talk about an important topic – personal finance.

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We’ve researched some great resources on topics such as local support, education, health & safety, food, and more.

Join us on Facebook Live for Generation Talks! Co-Hosts Lou & Kwanza will chat about different topics that help enhance your sustained well-being such as mental health & wellness, financial literacy, soft skills, interview skills and more!

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Apply For One Of Our Online Programs

If you are currently unemployed or underemployed, we have several fully online programs accepting applications. Head over to the homepage of our website to learn more. If you apply and are qualified, a program coordinator will contact you.

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Generation + Lyft Partnership

Generation understands that these are trying times, and we want to support students and alumni who have have been impacted by COVID-19.

As part of the Lyft Jobs Access Program, we are offering $25 Lyft codes for those who are listed as Essential Employees, are required to go to work but may lack access to reliable transportation. As well, we are offering codes for those who need access to reliable transportation to get essential items, such as groceries. Please fill out the form to update and/or verify your information.

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Virtual Career Coaching

Virtual career coaching sessions provide students and alumni with one-on-one professional career coaching assistance, connecting you to industry experts and human resources professionals. The sessions focus on three areas: resume/cover letter building, interviewing skills, and general career advice.

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Have a question about resume writing, career tips, or what you can do during this time? #AskGeneration! Our professional team of career coaches will answer your questions and do our best to help you.