Diani Barrios headshot

Diani Barrios

Payroll and Payables Manager
Meagan L. Carlock headshot

Meagan L. Carlock

Finance Director
Roshni Chengappa headshot

Roshni Chengappa

Employer Embedded Lead
Candice Crawford headshot

Candice Crawford

People Operations Manager
Sienna Daniel headshot

Sienna Daniel

US Partnerships Lead
Alisha Fredrikkson headshot

Alisha Fredrikkson

Data Fellow
Danielle Garafola headshot

Danielle Garafola

Operations Coordinator
Rebecca Garrison headshot

Rebecca Garrison

Launch Lead
Janelle Gonzales headshot

Janelle Gonzales

Finance & Administration Manager
Jeannie Guzman headshot

Jeannie Guzman

HR Lead
Hobie Hunter headshot

Hobie Hunter

Workforce Development Consultant
Akil E. Kennedy headshot

Akil E. Kennedy

Training and Instrucional Support Lead
Bianca Larry headshot

Bianca Larry

Data Associate
Dana Lee headshot

Dana Lee

Curriculum Lead
Eric Lee headshot

Eric Lee

Partnerships Lead
Tameka M. Logan headshot

Tameka M. Logan

Existing Programs Lead
Phillip Loya headshot

Phillip Loya

ReGeneration Program Lead
Carla M. Nunn headshot

Carla M. Nunn

Finance Manager
Carolina Marazzi-Cardani headshot

Carolina Marazzi-Cardani

Program Quality Lead
Pooja Mehta headshot

Pooja Mehta

Special Advisor
Jee Yon Pae headshot

Jee Yon Pae

Development Director
Tilynn M. Parks headshot

Tilynn M. Parks

Alumni Community Associate
Victor Reece headshot

Victor Reece

Mentor Lead
Jessica Rood headshot

Jessica Rood

Communications Manager
Alexandra Rudnick headshot

Alexandra Rudnick

Place-Based Lead
Ariana F. Santiago headshot

Ariana F. Santiago

Alumni Support Lead
Sean Segal headshot

Sean Segal

Jonathan Selzer headshot

Jonathan Selzer

Prospect Research and CRM Data Specialist
Rachel Shannon headshot

Rachel Shannon

Program Delivery Partner Lead
Courtney Souter headshot

Courtney Souter

Communications/Media Coordinator
Erin L. Whaley headshot

Erin L. Whaley

Digital Lead
Darryl Willie headshot

Darryl Willie

Special Advisor


Natosha Briscoe headshot

Natosha Briscoe

Program Coordinator/Instructor-Hospitality
Angela Jackson headshot

Angela Jackson

Shann Johnson headshot

Shann Johnson

Partnership Manager


Leah Bigbee headshot

Leah Bigbee

Workforce Readiness Partnership Manager
Dianne Hargrove headshot

Dianne Hargrove

Recruitment Manager


Patrice Bush headshot

Patrice Bush

Mentor-Customer Care
Sam Clowney headshot

Sam Clowney

Program Coordinator-Customer Care
Sherri Harvin headshot

Sherri Harvin

Partnership Manager
Christel Peele headshot

Christel Peele

Instructor-Customer Care


Joshua Boyce headshot

Joshua Boyce

Partnership Manager-Machine Operator
Demetra Brown headshot

Demetra Brown

Partnership Engagement Manager
Nicole Daniels headshot

Nicole Daniels

Partnership Manager
Jasmine Hillman headshot

Jasmine Hillman

Mentor-Customer Service Supervisor
Lou Jones headshot

Lou Jones

Instructor-Customer Service Supervisor
Felicia Matthew headshot

Felicia Matthew

Instructor/Mentor-Machine Operator
Michael Thompson headshot

Michael Thompson

Program Coordinator-Customer Service Supervisor


Mike Wolking headshot

Mike Wolking

Partnership Manager


Tracey Bradley headshot

Tracey Bradley

Program Coordinator-ReGeneration
John H. Downs headshot

John H. Downs

Maya Francis headshot

Maya Francis

CLIMB Community Coordinator
Veronica Olesen headshot

Veronica Olesen

Program Coordinator-IT
Linnette M. Ostos-Cordoba headshot

Linnette M. Ostos-Cordoba

Lauren Pfanenstiel headshot

Lauren Pfanenstiel

Program Coordinator-Customer Care
Latisha D. Reeves Henry headshot

Latisha D. Reeves Henry

Instructor-Customer Care
Christopher Rick headshot

Christopher Rick

Stacey Smith headshot

Stacey Smith

Mitchell Taylor headshot

Mitchell Taylor

Tech Support Associate
Travis Williams headshot

Travis Williams

Development Specialist
Kwanza Yates headshot

Kwanza Yates

ReGeneration Workforce Program Recruitment Manager


Claudia Mercado headshot

Claudia Mercado

Partnership Manager

Puerto Rico

Sonya Matos headshot

Sonya Matos

Partnership Manager

Washington DC

Rose-Farrah Armand headshot

Rose-Farrah Armand

Lionel Davis headshot

Lionel Davis

Job Readiness Instructor-Restaurant Services
Burgundie L. Fulton headshot

Burgundie L. Fulton

Tanya Wedderburn headshot

Tanya Wedderburn

Partnership Manager-Restaurant Services
Danielle Wright headshot

Danielle Wright


Wilmington DE

Sierra Dunn headshot

Sierra Dunn

Work Readiness Mentor
Davis Pierre-Louis headshot

Davis Pierre-Louis

Program Coordinator-Pre-Apprentice Construction Helper
Donna Toney headshot

Donna Toney

Program Coordinator-Universal Banker