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As part of the Verizon Skill Forward Initiative, Generation USA offers you the opportunity to learn all you need to be successful in a long-term career – from the technical knowledge to the soft skills that will help you achieve your potential.

After the program, graduates have the opportunity to explore different learning outcomes like apprenticeships, internships, continuing education, or full-time employment.

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Program Length

16 Weeks

Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM

Course Level

This program is designed for beginners.


JavaScript Certification granted by W3Schools

Upcoming Program

March 22, 2023

Application Due By March 8


Program Start Date: National Junior Full Stack Java Developer
February 08, 2023
Program Start Date: National Junior Full Stack Java Developer
March 22, 2023

What does a Junior Full Stack Java Developer Do?

A Junior Full Stack Java Developer works with a team of developers to create new websites and applications. The “junior” designation means you work under the supervision of senior developers in your department, but you may be involved in all stages of the project, from brainstorming to final testing. As a Junior Full Stack Java Developer, you review web design needs and preferences and provide advice on website maintenance.

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The Soft Skills

In every job, there are key skills that will help you be successful. We’ll help you learn:

Behavioral Skills


You take the lead on the work you are responsible for and look for additional ways to contribute.


You are able to convey your message clearly to different types of people using a variety of tools to receive and spread information.


You communicate with your team, ask for help when you need it, and offer them support.

Orientation to Detail

You notice the smallest parts of a task or situation so that you can complete a job that you are assigned with complete accuracy.


Growth Mindset

You believe you can learn and improve over time with practice.


You do not give up in the face of challenges or after you have made a mistake.

Personal Responsibility

You take ownership over your work and decisions. You work hard, keep commitments, and don’t make excuses.

Future Orientation

You set goals for the future, understand how your actions will help you achieve them, and frequently check your progress.

The Technical Knowledge

Our Junior Full Stack Java Developer program is designed to equip learners with the skillsets and expertise they need to succeed:

Introduction to Role

In this section, you will be introduced to:

  • Effective workplace communication and collaboration
  • How to stay up-to-date with technology trends
  • Problem-Solving

Programming Fundamentals

In this section, you will be introduced to Codecademy and learn:

  • Code Foundations
  • Command Line
  • Git
  • GitHub

Web Development Fundamentals

In this section, you will be introduced to:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • How to Build Websites

JavaScript for Web Development

In this section, you will be introduced to and learn:

  • JavaScript: Basic Data Types, Operators, and Conditionals
  • JavaScript: Functions, Scoping, and Program Flow
  • Object-Oriented Framing
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and Requests
  • How to Build Interactive JavaScript Websites with DOM manipulation
  • Unit Testing with Mocha

Relational Databases Fundamentals

In this section, you will learn about:

  • SQL

Java Programming Fundamentals

In this section, you will be cover:

  • Hello World and Variables
  • Object Oriented Java Using Classes, Conditional and Control Flow
  • Arrays, Arraylists, Loops and Strings
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Debugging
  • Java Unit Testing with JUnit

Java & Spring Boot for Web Development

In this section, you will be introduced to Java & Spring Boot and learn:

  • Introduction to Web Development using Java and Spring Boot
  • Dependencies Injection using Spring Framework
  • Spring Data JPA
  • REST API with Spring Boot
  • Secure API using JWT
  • Unit Testing Web Components
  • Web Applications Build & Deploy

The Learning Process

Online Instruction

Introduction to new topics will be covered by instructors and teaching assistants. They will cover topics through a combination of lecture and live coding.

Mentored Exercises

Apply your understanding of these new topics by doing - but don't worry, you'll have access to instructors and teaching assistants if/when you need guidance. On average, 75% of our programs are practice vs. instruction.

Real-World Experience

What good is all this knowledge if you can't apply it? By the end of this program, you will be prepared to complete the JavaScript Certification granted by W3Schools and to showcase the skills that you have learned with a final project.

Materials to Keep Going

Whether you continue your journey with self-study, or take the next steps to pursue a career in web development, we'll give you personalized guidance on how to continue after graduation.

Your Day at a Glance

Schedule Overview

You will participate in several different types of instructional sessions throughout your program that are tailored to help you succeed in work and in life.

National JWD Sample Schedule

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Learner Testimonials

This program didn’t cost me a penny, and there are skills you can take away from it and opportunities like my Verizon opportunity that I was blessed with. There are so many positive reasons to join Generation’s programs. If you’re serious about developing your skills or making a career change, it makes sense to go in the direction of Generation.

James Gordon

Junior Full Stack Java Developer, National Cohort