Congratulations on your admission to Generation USA!

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On this page, you’ll find a list of start dates by program and cohort, information about orientation, and a New Student Checklist to help prepare you for day one.

While you wait for your program to start, join us in the Generation USA Students Facebook group to connect with fellow students, staff, and alumni. You’ll also find resources to help you succeed in your program and beyond!


During orientation, you’ll virtually meet with our staff to go over important information and expectations. We’ll walk you through what it means to be a Generation student, explain how your class will be conducted, and the various resources available to you through our program. We’ll also take time to help prepare you for your program by teaching you time management skills and more.

Day One

  • Meet & Greet
  • Welcome to Generation
  • Introduction to Your Curriculum
  • Introduction to Digital Tools

Day Two

  • Introduction to Generation's Career Advancement Services
  • Generation's Placement Services
  • Being a Generation USA Alum

Day Three

  • Introduction to Behavior Skills and Mindsets
  • Maximizing Your Online Learning Experience
  • Planning for Success


New Student Checklist

While you wait for your program to start, you can get a head start on preparing!

Check out this New Student Checklist so that you’re 100% ready for Day One.

Credential Email

The week of your start date, look out for a Course Enrollment email from Canvas with you log in information for the platform. You will use Canvas to access lessons, resources, and other instructional materials.


After you receive the email, follow the account set up steps here to set up Canvas prior to your start date.



Use this list to make sure you are meeting all your technology needs:

If you need technical support, please visit this page.


Set Up Your Space

Having a dedicated quiet space to join class can help you focus and make the most of your virtual classroom experience.

Find somewhere that’s quiet, has access to your device and internet connection, and a surface for you to work on.


Contact our Program Operations team at with any questions you have about your program.