How To Set Up Canvas

Canvas is the learning management system we use to deliver your lesson materials, resources, and other instructional items. You will also use Canvas to complete your mandatory orientation. Watch this video or follow the steps below to set up your Canvas account after you’ve received your Course Enrollment email.

During Orientation Week, you will receive an email from Canvas to indicate you have been enrolled in a Generation course. The sender will be listed as Instructure Canvas or Generation Canvas with an email address of

The course enrollment email is the starting point for setting up your account in Canvas and setting up your password.

Within the email you will find key information as support for your initial login attempt to Canvas, such as the course name, your name, and the email address you used to apply to Generation, which will become your Canvas username.

The email provides two routes to setting up your password:

  • Clicking on “Click here to complete registration” hyperlink (Recommended)
  • Using the “Get Started” button

Option 1: Click on “Click here to complete registration” hyperlink (Recommended)

If you click –

Your browser will open another tab with a registration screen as shown below.

Your login username (email address) will auto-populate and from this screen you can create a password and update your time zone. The default time zone for all course enrollments is Madrid so be sure to update your time zone appropriately using the dropdown list provided.

Once you have added a password and updated your time zone, click on the blue Register button to proceed to your Canvas dashboard.

Option 2: Get Started Button

If you click –

Your browser will open a new tab to the main Generation Canvas login page.

From here click on the “Forgot Password?” hyperlink. You will be prompted to enter your email address used for your Canvas username, which is the same email address listed in the email you received from described above.

Next, check your email for another email from Canvas to assist with setting up your password for the first time. As shown in Option 1, when adding your password for the first time, it is also important to update your time zone appropriately, changing from the Madrid default time zone as needed.

Once you register your account and sign in, you will be able to access your Canvas Dashboard.

For questions about logging in to Canvas, please visit our Learner Technical Support page.