The Alumni Leadership program is for Generation alumni who want to promote alumni pride, provide input to Generation on programs and opportunities, and gain additional professional skills through leadership experiences and responsibilities. All alumni interested in growing as leaders are encouraged to apply for the Alumni Ambassador Internship Program. Read on to learn more about this opportunity and complete your application.

About The Alumni Ambassador Internship

What is the Alumni Ambassador Internship Program?

The Alumni Ambassador Internship program facilitates leadership opportunities within the Generation Alumni Community that foster a sense of Generation alumni pride, provide a channel for alumni input, and provide alumni with professional skills through leadership experiences and responsibilities.

What can you learn as an Alumni Ambassador?

The Alumni Ambassador Internship Program is a great way for alumni to obtain valuable work experience. This program provides you with the opportunity to grow and learn as you continue your career journey after Generation. 

Here are some of the skills you can gain from this internship:

  • Relationship building
  • Managing and influencing others to outcomes
  • Organizing, prioritizing, and executing independently to goals
  • Time management
  • Event planning and coordinating for professional development and community building
  • Creating and cultivating culture within diverse groups of people
  • Professional communications, recruitment and outreach

What are the responsibilities of Alumni Ambassadors?

Alumni Ambassadors are the alumni leaders of their city. They plan and host professional development experiences and social/community-building events for alumni, while also being exposed to various opportunities from Generation. Alumni Ambassadors will have work space in their local Generation office and will also participate in weekly and monthly calls with the Alumni Community Associate and their fellow Alumni Ambassadors across the country. Primary responsibilities will include: 

  • Data Collection:
    • Alumni Ambassadors may follow-up with a portfolio of alumni in their city to learn more about their career journey, and the career support they need.
  • Community Building/Engagement:
    • Social Engagement Events (quarterly with 2 community events supporting recruitment)
    • Professional Development Events (monthly)
    • Cohort Leader Engagement

How are Alumni Ambassadors selected?

Each city will select two or more Alumni Ambassadors, city-wide, who represent Generation behaviors, skills, and mindsets. Alumni will apply and interview for the role.

How long are Alumni Ambassadors in their role?

The Ambassador will serve in their role for one year from their start date. This time frame allows Alumni Ambassadors to learn the organization and accomplish important initiatives that move the needle and show impact in their city, while also making room for other alumni to serve in a leadership capacity.

Will Alumni Ambassadors receive compensation?

Alumni Ambassadors are eligible for stipends based on the outcomes of their work with Generation. The stipends will be distributed as follows:


  • $75 for each recruitment event
  • $75 for each alumni event (professional and social)
  • $25 referral fee for each student recruited and completed program

Student Retention:

  • $75 for 30 day retention of 95% of assigned caseload
  • $75 for 60 day retention of 90% of assigned caseload
  • $75 for 90 day retention of 80% of assigned caseload

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