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In February 2023, the Generation: You Employed (GYE) Board decided to terminate the affiliation agreement between GYE and Generation USA because the GYE Board sought a different approach for Generation’s impact in the US moving forward.

However, the success of our 2023 learners is a top priority for both organizations given the shared mission. For the rest of 2023, we will continue to deliver programs “Powered by Generation,” whereby GYE provides us access to Generation systems and curriculum used by our current learners.

We are a separate legal entity affiliated with GYE. In the process of disaffiliation, we are required to establish a new name and brand that will be independent of the Generation and Generation USA brands.

On April 28, 2023, we will continue to operate internally with a temporary name, Skill Growth, and will be Powered by Generation. Our staff and administration emails will reflect the domain address.

On June 14, 2023, we will officially launch a new brand with updated public-facing digital platforms. We will continue to be Powered by Generation.


Why did the GYE board decide to terminate the affiliation with Generation USA/why did it want this change?

  • The GYE Board decided to disaffiliate with Generation USA because it sought a different approach for Generation’s impact in the US moving forward.

What will happen to Generation USA employees during this transition?

  • All Generation USA employees are transitioning to the new organization.

Will the new organization meet all of Generation USA’s commitments in 2023?

  • We will be working with funders individually to navigate this shift and will update learner targets accordingly.

How does ‘Powered by Generation’ work? Will I see a difference from how Generation USA currently delivers programs?

  • ‘Powered by Generation’ is a model whereby organizations that are not Generation affiliates are trained and licensed to use Generation curriculum and systems in service of learners. Our employees have been using Generation curriculum and systems for years. We do not anticipate that you will see a change in daily program delivery.

What will happen to the Generation USA brand?

  • The Generation USA brand and name is owned by GYE and the decision to disaffiliate will require Generation USA to transition to a new name and brand.

Will the new organization continue to deliver Generation-style programming in 2024?

  • As of 2024, the new organization will no longer have access to Generation curriculum and systems. The team will share plans of their new curriculum and systems towards the end of 2023.