TOGETHER, we’ll work to find your next career step.

Generation USA prepares, supports, and places people for life-changing careers.

Generation USA provides no-cost access to several services, platforms, and partners to help learners explore careers, enhance resume content, get help with interview preparation, provide guidance about the job or college search process, and lastly, provide training tools for continued success on the job long-term.

TOGETHER, we'll help you determine your path.

The success of your career search or college application process will depend on both the Generation team and you!

After program completion, you'll work with your assigned Alumni Affairs Team Member to keep going! There are several outcomes possible after a learner graduates from a Generation program:

Icon-Apprenticeship-Red Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway. As an apprentice, your employer offers learners a temporary job while developing their talents. Sometimes these are paid. Generation will help connect learners with employers and apprenticeship opportunities. Some who successfully complete an apprenticeship period are offered full-time employment.

Icon-Internship-Red Internship

Internships allow students to gain experience prior to searching for full-time employment. Having experience puts learners at a greater advantage when job searching. Generation helps prepare and place students into internships through employer partners.

Icon-Continuing-Education-Red Continuing Education

Many times, completing your Generation program is just the start of a learner’s education. Through partnerships with community colleges, we are able to offer students a continuing education track so they can continue taking classes towards a degree. Students who choose to continue their education in certificate or degree programs may also pursue internships, apprenticeships, and/or full-time employment.

Icon-Employment-Red Full-time Employment

Students in the full-time employment track will work towards searching for and gaining meaningful full-time employment. In this track, Generation prepares learners to search and interview for positions.

TOGETHER, our team will guide you.

The Generation USA team will support you in a variety of ways to figure out your next steps after graduation.

Icon Checkmark BlueJob, internship, or college search.

Icon Checkmark BlueResume and cover letter support.

Icon Checkmark BlueInterview preparation.

Icon Checkmark BlueJob retention and success.


Get motivated. We need your investment in the process.

To have a successful job or college search, you should complete a Generation USA program, attend workshops and sessions, explore Generation resources and platforms, communicate with your Generation USA team about your needs and challenges, and be prepared for an extensive search process.

We’ll need you to be an active participant to discover what’s next.

Icon Circle GreenCourse requirement completion.

Icon Circle GreenResearch and homework.

Icon Circle GreenUse the resources and platforms we provide.

Icon Circle GreenCommunicate your needs.

Icon Circle GreenBe prepared for the long haul.

EXPLORE resources and platforms available to you.

Generation USA offers access to several resources and platforms at no cost to you.

PlatformsApprenticeshipInternshipContinuing EducationFull-time Employment
HandshakeIcon CheckmarkIcon CheckmarkIcon CheckmarkIcon Checkmark
WayUpIcon CheckmarkIcon CheckmarkIcon CheckmarkIcon Checkmark
NETworkITIcon CheckmarkIcon CheckmarkIcon CheckmarkIcon Checkmark
JobScanIcon CheckmarkIcon CheckmarkIcon CheckmarkIcon Checkmark
StellarworxIcon Checkmark
CareerCircleIcon CheckmarkIcon Checkmark
WonoloIcon Checkmark
MathisonIcon Checkmark
TriplebyteIcon Checkmark

These resources and platforms will help you develop your plan for your next career step.


Largest educational program/college to career community in the country. Having access allows you to find jobs, connect with employers and discover future careers.

How It Works
  • Generation partners with employers
  • Employers join Handshake, connects to Generation pages and gets to know students
  • Events to keep employers and students engaged like info session, career fairs and interviews
Benefits to Generation Learners and Alumni
  • Connect you to employers
  • Provides personalized job recommendations
  • Hosts free events that help learners engage with employers (trainings, info sessions, etc.)


WayUp is a leading DEI and diversity recruitment job board for college students and recent grads.

Their mission is to ensure candidates from all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to get hired.

They specialize in diversity hiring serving underrepresented groups focusing on diversity across gender, race and ethnicity, veteran status, first-generation college students, and candidates who identify as LGBT.


JobScan allows you to upload and optimize your resume.

How It Works
  • Analyzes your resume using smart AI to help you get noticed.
  • Get matched. Resume software uses an ATS-like algorithm to calculate your match rate based on skills, job title, education, etc.
  • Companies use different ATS for resume screening. Jobscan knows which ATS each company is using and provides you ATS-specific tips to help you land that interview.
  • See your job search progress such as resume versions, jobs applied to, interviews.


Stellarworx is available for Washington DC Metro residents only, who do not have a 4-year degree.

Stellarworx helps learners find inclusive career opportunities with leading employers, professional development resources, curated events, and webinars.


CareerCircle is available for the IT Support Specialist, Jr Cloud Practitioner, Jr Web Developer programs.

CareerCircle matches diverse candidates to contract and full-time IT employment opportunities through staffing agencies, 1:1 career guidance, customized job alerts, online training courses (Salesforce, Microsoft, Google etc.)


Wonolo is a free smartphone app that connects people with flexible work.


Mathison is available for the Junior Full Stack Java Developer program.

Mathison bridges the gap between the most underrepresented job seekers and employers committed to diversity and inclusion.


Triplebyte is available for the Junior Web Developer and Junior Full Stack Java Developer programs.

Triplebyte allows you to showcase your tech skills and hear from top companies.


NETworkIT allows you to connect with professionals for career advice and coaching.

How It Works
  • Creates a platform for learners and industry professionals to connect.
  • Allows learners to identify and set up one-on-one meetings time with volunteer industry professionals.
  • Informal coaching sessions are recommended to create maximum flexibility and value for both parties.

EXPLORE Generation USA partnerships that benefit you.

Generation USA offers a range of opportunities to connect you to internships & apprenticeships.

There may be specific talents or qualities employers are seeking as they make hiring/selection decisions. In some instances, Generation USA will assist employers by providing resumes of qualified learners.

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Belle Fleur Technologies
ConSol USA

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, let's get started!

Icon Number One Red

Set your profile on Handshake to access resources, explore roles, and placement opportunities.

Icon Number Two Red

Use resources to sharpen interviewing skills and resumes (JobScan, Alumni Affairs Team Sessions, NETworkIT).

Icon Number Three Red

Apply, Apply, Apply! Use job platforms like Way Up and Career Circle to secure your next opportunity.

Icon Number Four Red

Interview. Use resources on Handshake and NETworkIT to practice and prepare.

Icon Number Five Red