Learner Experience

Joe Baker headshot

Joe Baker

Director, Curriculum & Instruction
Joanee Buffaloe headshot

Joanee Buffaloe

Coordinator, Continuing Education
Joelle Butler headshot

Joelle Butler

Specialist, Learner Support
Diego Colon headshot

Diego Colon

Master Instructor
Lionel Davis headshot

Lionel Davis

Regional Coach
Jaime Ditman headshot

Jaime Ditman

Director, Instructional Support
John H. Downs headshot

John H. Downs

Instructional Coach
Sierra Dunn headshot

Sierra Dunn

Manager, Regional
Brandon Flowers headshot

Brandon Flowers

Manager, Regional Career Coach
Tamara Foreman headshot

Tamara Foreman

Coordinator, Program
Alka Franceschi headshot

Alka Franceschi

Director, Catalyst Programs
Maya  Francis headshot

Maya Francis

Coordinator, CLIMB
Dilly Gutierrez headshot

Dilly Gutierrez

Coordinator, Instructional Coach
Eric Hawes headshot

Eric Hawes

Master Instructor
Lou Jones headshot

Lou Jones

Coordinator, Instructional Coach
Akil E. Kennedy headshot

Akil E. Kennedy

Director, Programs
Phillip Kinney headshot

Phillip Kinney

Master Instructor
Bianca Larry headshot

Bianca Larry

Lead, Evaluation
Maranda Lee headshot

Maranda Lee

Associate, Regional Career Coach
Joy Liburd headshot

Joy Liburd

Associate, Jacksonville Career Coach
Tameka M. Logan headshot

Tameka M. Logan

Chief Programs Officer
Aisha Loucas headshot

Aisha Loucas

Coordinator, Instructional Coach
Rolando Marazzi headshot

Rolando Marazzi

Regional Coach
Sonya Matos headshot

Sonya Matos

Coordinator, Data & Evaluation
Albert McLaughlin headshot

Albert McLaughlin

Director, Program Operations
Alyson Meadows headshot

Alyson Meadows

Life Coach
Veronica Olesen headshot

Veronica Olesen

Coordinator, Program
Linnette M. Ostos-Cordoba headshot

Linnette M. Ostos-Cordoba

Manager, Regional
Tanya Phillips headshot

Tanya Phillips

Davis Pierre-Louis headshot

Davis Pierre-Louis

Manager, Learner Support
Victor Reece headshot

Victor Reece

Director, Learner Services
Tiffany Rosario headshot

Tiffany Rosario

Associate, Jacksonville Career Coach
Alexandra Rudnick headshot

Alexandra Rudnick

Director, Jacksonville Programs
Kourtni Virgin headshot

Kourtni Virgin

Regional Coach
Avis Wilson headshot

Avis Wilson

Associate, Jacksonville Career Coach
Mike Wolking headshot

Mike Wolking

Director, Knowledge & Evaluation
Danielle Wright headshot

Danielle Wright

Regional Coach
Kwanza Yates headshot

Kwanza Yates

Coordinator, Recruitment

Marketing & Communications

Jordan Clark headshot

Jordan Clark

Coordinator, Social Media
Jessa Parker headshot

Jessa Parker

Manager, Website
Tilynn M. Parks headshot

Tilynn M. Parks

Associate, Marketing & Communications
Amanda Rankin headshot

Amanda Rankin

Coordinator, Email Marketing
Jessica Rood headshot

Jessica Rood

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Kristina Rosario headshot

Kristina Rosario

Lead, Marketing & Communications
Seth Wittman headshot

Seth Wittman

Manager, Account Marketing

Growth & Impact

Jordan Angel headshot

Jordan Angel

Director, Business Development
Brandi Ayers headshot

Brandi Ayers

Lead, Alumni Placement
Joshua Boyce headshot

Joshua Boyce

Manager, Program Delivery Partner
Tracey Bradley headshot

Tracey Bradley

Manager, Program Delivery Partner
Roshni Chengappa headshot

Roshni Chengappa

Director, Business Development
Sam Clowney headshot

Sam Clowney

Director, Partnerships
Sienna Daniel headshot

Sienna Daniel

Chief Growth & Impact Officer
Nicole Daniels headshot

Nicole Daniels

Lead, National Remote Opportunity/Prospect
Alyssa Diamond headshot

Alyssa Diamond

Director, Strategy & Operations
Burgundie L. Fulton headshot

Burgundie L. Fulton

Manager, Alumni Program Design
Esther Hong headshot

Esther Hong

Manager, Regional Placement
Shann Johnson headshot

Shann Johnson

Manager, Program Delivery Partner
Kyrstle Jones headshot

Kyrstle Jones

Manager, Placement
Megan Malcolm headshot

Megan Malcolm

Manager, Program Delivery Partner
Claudia Mercado headshot

Claudia Mercado

Manager, Program Delivery Partner
Carly Norton headshot

Carly Norton

Manager, Program Delivery Partner
Matthew Patrick headshot

Matthew Patrick

Manager, Business Development
Sarah Tunall headshot

Sarah Tunall

Manager, Business Develoment
Erin Vaughn headshot

Erin Vaughn

Lead, Strategy & Operations
Shauntia Walker headshot

Shauntia Walker

Manager, Business Develoment
Darryl Willie headshot

Darryl Willie

Managing Director, Alumni Affairs
Tally Wolff headshot

Tally Wolff

Manager, Business Development

Enrollment & Admissions

Natalie Dieudonne headshot

Natalie Dieudonne

Coordinator, Enrollment
Omosede Eholor headshot

Omosede Eholor

Coordinator, Enrollment
Jamie Fouty headshot

Jamie Fouty

Manager, Enrollment Quality Assurance
Asha Gordon headshot

Asha Gordon

Director, Admissions
Dianne Hargrove headshot

Dianne Hargrove

Coordinator, Enrollment
Victoria Lamb headshot

Victoria Lamb

Coordinator, Data Systems
Carolina Marazzi-Cardani headshot

Carolina Marazzi-Cardani

Chief Enrollment & Admissions Officer
Catrice Roggerson headshot

Catrice Roggerson

Associate, Enrollment Services & Events
Kelly Scott headshot

Kelly Scott

Manager, Data Systems
Stacey  Smith headshot

Stacey Smith

Counselor, Enrollment
Donna Toney headshot

Donna Toney

Manager, Regional Admissions
Chealsy Vargas headshot

Chealsy Vargas

Associate, Enrollment
Erin L. Whaley headshot

Erin L. Whaley

Director, Data Systems

People Team

Diani Barrios headshot

Diani Barrios

Lead, Payroll
Candice Crawford headshot

Candice Crawford

Manager, People Success
Jeannie Guzman headshot

Jeannie Guzman

Chief People Officer
Phillip Loya headshot

Phillip Loya

Manager, Talent Acquisition
Tanya Wedderburn headshot

Tanya Wedderburn

Director, Learning & Development


Meagan L. Carlock headshot

Meagan L. Carlock

Chief Finance Officer
Megan Donahue headshot

Megan Donahue

Manager, Budgeting and Forecasting
Ivan Grant headshot

Ivan Grant

Manager, Finance
Carla M. Nunn headshot

Carla M. Nunn

Melva Yanes headshot

Melva Yanes

Staff Accountant


Kelsey Barrera headshot

Kelsey Barrera

Development Officer
Sokeng Cleary headshot

Sokeng Cleary

Development Operations & Stewardship Officer
Jee Yon Pae headshot

Jee Yon Pae

Chief Development Officer
Rachel Shannon headshot

Rachel Shannon

Development Officer


Erin Berry-McCrea headshot

Erin Berry-McCrea

Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Janelle Gonzales headshot

Janelle Gonzales

Director, Administration & Operations
Rhaven Holmes headshot

Rhaven Holmes

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Angela Jackson headshot

Angela Jackson

Associate, Operations
Stacy McDonald headshot

Stacy McDonald

Associate, Data Systems Support
Pooja Mehta headshot

Pooja Mehta

Legal Special Advisor
Christopher Rick headshot

Christopher Rick

Lead, Tech
José  Rodríguez headshot

José Rodríguez

Lead, Learner Ombuds
Sean Segal headshot

Sean Segal

Morgan Watson headshot

Morgan Watson

Chief Of Staff
Cody Blake Wilson headshot

Cody Blake Wilson

Lead, National Operations